Potential Vaporizer Video Game Inclusion Ideas – 3 Vape Pen Gaming Possibilities

As computer game fans we are constantly dreaming about how items from our regular day to day existences can be inserted into the games we play.  Some of our most loved video games are the ones we can associate with through known elements and environmental settings.  Being the stalwart gamers that we are a great deal of us get excited about vaping and utilizing versatile vape pens like the Firefly 2 portable vaporizer and this article is a chance to examine how cool it would be to see more vape pens incorporated into the gaming scene.  We have even ventured to conjure that it would be conceivable to make an entire computer game about some sort of wax, dab or vape pen idea.  While we know game designers will probably not go that far we still hope they do consider including vape pens within the gaming experience in some form or another.  Lets investigate a couple of the ways we think it would be enjoyable to include the vaporizer into the video game landscape.

Vape Pen Video Game Addition #1 – Build A Quest Around The Vaporizer

Numerous video games nowadays have missions and quests so why not have a computer game where one of the objectives is to go get some ultra rare concentrates or herbs and afterwards use them in your vaporizer.  Perhaps you even need to locate the diverse parts required to operate a vaporizer and then have to construct your own particular dab, wax or vape pen to utilize.  Maybe you have to deliver a vape pen to someone in the game to heal or save them.  Whatever the case would be for the quest we think it we would be an awesome addition to the gaming experience.

Vape Pen Video Game Addition #2 – Utilize The Vaporizer As A Character Enhancement

Large amounts of computer games now have a requirement for recuperating and building up players and character assets.  We think it would be amazing to in some way or another make the vape pen like a Firefly 2 in some way enhance the characters of a video game.  The vape pen could be the type of item that when found in game that could have the ability to reestablish wellbeing or increase capability.  The visual impacts of utilizing the smoke and the potential for all kinds of sound clips are just some of the potential angles we feel could make this a truly cool computer game idea.

Vape Pen Video Game Addition #3 – Turn It Into A Defensive Mechanism

Lots of times in computer games there is a need to defend ones self giving players plenty of chances to use weapons and protective tools.  Its this opportunity where we get the chance to escape and dream for a bit and we think it would be sweet if by one means or another the vaporizer pen was transformed into some type of defensive mechanism.  Computer games have some of most innovative insights into weapons usage so why not have the vape, dab or wax pen become a part of protecting ones self in game.  The vape pen as defensive gear in a video game would surely be intriguing.  Have you ever observed a vape pen in a video game before?

Portable Vape Pen Video Game Uses and Features – Three Vaporizer Scenarios We Would Like To See

pax-3-vaporizerAs video game fanatics we are always day dreaming about how fun it is to incorporate items from our everyday lives into our favorite video game world’s.  Some of our favorite video games are the ones we can connect to through real world features in exaggerated settings.  Being die hard gamers a lot of us enjoying vaping and using portable vape pens like the Pax 3 vaporizer and were discussing how cool it would be to see more vape pens integrated into the gaming world.  We have even gone as far as to believe it would e possible to make an entire video game about some type of vape pen concept.  While we highly doubt anyone will go that when it comes to meshing vaporizers and video games we would like game designers to consider adding them into game play in some capacity.  Lets take a look at a few of the ways we think it would be fun to add the portable vaporizer into video game play.

Potential Portable Vaporizer Video Game Scenario Number One: Make It A Mission

Lots and lots of video games these days have missions so why not have a video game where one of the missions is to go find some ultra exclusive concentrates or herbs and then have to use in your vaporizer.  Maybe you even have to find the different parts to the portable vaporizer and have to build your own as well to use.  Whatever the case would be for the mission we think it we would be blast to play and bring a lot of excitement for the vape pen and video game communities.

Potential Portable Vaporizer Video Game Scenario Number Two: Have It Save, Heal or Power Up Characters

Tons of video games now have a need for healing and powering up players and game characters.  We think it would be awesome to somehow make the vape pen as seen in places like this Pax 3 review somehow be a part of making the video game characters stronger.  The vape pen could be a signature item that when found in game would help restore health or some how power up its users.  The visual effects of using the smoke and the potential for all type of sound bites are what we feel make this a really cool video game idea.

Potential Portable Vaporizer Video Game Scenario Number Three: Turn It Into A Weapon

While of course we would never want to see this happen in real life hey there video games so we get to escape and dream for a bit and we think it would be sweet if somehow the portable vaporizer pen was turned into some sort of weapons.  Video games have some of the most creative weapons you ever see in your life so why not have the vape pen as weapon in some shape or form within a video game.  Death by vape pen would certainly be interesting.  Have you ever seen a portable vape pen in a video game before?

3 Video Game Stats That May Surprise You – An Infographic Inside Look

video-games-infographicOne aspects I most love about the video game industry is the fact that it is constantly growing, changing and evolving. From what I remember it as a child to what it has become today its truly mind boggling for me to even think. From regular Nintendo and Sega Genesis to the major online live user powerhouses of today video games have captured the minds and imaginations of many and show no signs of slowing down. While video games are extremely popular and I have enjoyed them forever there are still a few statistics I came across every once in awhile that surprise me and I want to share a few of those numbers I found on this great infographic by GamerSaloon. Lets take a look a look at some of the ones that were most shocking to me.

Surprising Video Game Statistic #1: Average Game Player Is 30 Years Old

The picture states that the “average game player is 30 years old and has been playing games for at least 12 years. I guess I should not be shocked as I almost fit right into this category but I still never imagined the average age would be this old. As I am still a little younger then this age group and tend to play with friends my age I think I just never really believed it could be this high. When I was young when most people thought of video games they though kids activities but that trend seems to be changing drastically. At what age did you decide to stop playing video games? Did you ever play? Do you still?

Surprising Video Game Statistic #2: Average U.S. Household Owns 1 Dedicated Game Console

We see in the picture that the average U.S. Household owns at least one dedicated game console, PC or smart phone which literally means video games are everywhere. If you really stop and think about this fact for a second its pretty incredible that almost every single family in the country has a device to play video games on. I would be very curious to how many hours on average each household uses the various gaming electronics. Do you have a video game console at your house? Which one?

Surprising Video Game Statistic #3: 62% of Gamers Play Games With Others

This statistics always makes me smile because when I was a kid you could not play video games online with others so the circle to play with was always just limited to friends that came over of other kids in the neighborhood. Now with the Sony Playstation Network and Xbox live available multi player videos have not only exploded in popularity but are also just that much more accessible to the masses to enjoy together. Do you prefer to play video games with close friends? Do you like to play video games alone? Does it even matter who you play with?

Do you know any cool facts about video games that you would like to share? Would love to hear about them so send them on over.