3 Video Game Stats That May Surprise You – An Infographic Inside Look

video-games-infographicOne aspects I most love about the video game industry is the fact that it is constantly growing, changing and evolving. From what I remember it as a child to what it has become today its truly mind boggling for me to even think. From regular Nintendo and Sega Genesis to the major online live user powerhouses of today video games have captured the minds and imaginations of many and show no signs of slowing down. While video games are extremely popular and I have enjoyed them forever there are still a few statistics I came across every once in awhile that surprise me and I want to share a few of those numbers I found on this great infographic by GamerSaloon. Lets take a look a look at some of the ones that were most shocking to me.

Surprising Video Game Statistic #1: Average Game Player Is 30 Years Old

The picture states that the “average game player is 30 years old and has been playing games for at least 12 years. I guess I should not be shocked as I almost fit right into this category but I still never imagined the average age would be this old. As I am still a little younger then this age group and tend to play with friends my age I think I just never really believed it could be this high. When I was young when most people thought of video games they though kids activities but that trend seems to be changing drastically. At what age did you decide to stop playing video games? Did you ever play? Do you still?

Surprising Video Game Statistic #2: Average U.S. Household Owns 1 Dedicated Game Console

We see in the picture that the average U.S. Household owns at least one dedicated game console, PC or smart phone which literally means video games are everywhere. If you really stop and think about this fact for a second its pretty incredible that almost every single family in the country has a device to play video games on. I would be very curious to how many hours on average each household uses the various gaming electronics. Do you have a video game console at your house? Which one?

Surprising Video Game Statistic #3: 62% of Gamers Play Games With Others

This statistics always makes me smile because when I was a kid you could not play video games online with others so the circle to play with was always just limited to friends that came over of other kids in the neighborhood. Now with the Sony Playstation Network and Xbox live available multi player videos have not only exploded in popularity but are also just that much more accessible to the masses to enjoy together. Do you prefer to play video games with close friends? Do you like to play video games alone? Does it even matter who you play with?

Do you know any cool facts about video games that you would like to share? Would love to hear about them so send them on over.